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Red Alert: Russia Just Made a Emergency Call to Washington!

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT. Russia’s defense minister has contacted every major NATO government in the last 24 hours and is frantic in its allegations about an impending Nuclear incidents.

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I just answered a question below about what to do with a family member in a nursing home – just keep in mind that most people are totally unaware, or don’t give a crap, or think you’re nuts or a conspiracy theorist.

That goes for nursing homes, hospitals and more. I am a former firefighter, medic and cop, and after 9-11 I had huge amounts of training about bio-and chemical warfare, dirty bombs and such. That lasted about a year, and then fizzled out. Since then almost zero training or awareness for mass casualties – they worry more about mass shootings than a looming war or attack on home turf.

Americans in general are arrogant and dumb. Blame the school system, welfare system and lack of responsible upbringing. Yeah, I said it. The only way you can save someone from a nursing home is if they are close by and you can grab them. I had loads of training for nursing homes, schools, monasteries and other large occupied places – for fires and shootings… this is different.

A fire gets put out, people find a place to stay – a shooting ends, people will be taken to hospitals – end of story. Most hospitals are NOT set up for mass casualties, and especially not set up as a shelter from fallout. After 9-11 many cities and towns started stashing blankets and non-perishable supplies – for another 9-11 type event, or a natural disaster – not for a nuke attack. We are pretty much on our own.

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