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New Gabby Petito Video Shows Her ‘Exhausted,’ ‘Scared’ Hours Before Her Murder: Body Language Expert

A body language expert who has reviewed newly discovered surveillance video showing Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie at a Wyoming Whole Foods store hours before her murder in the Bridger-Teton National Forest last year said that Petito appeared “small,” “exhausted” and “scared”

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Laundrie, meanwhile, looked “cavalier” and “nonchalant,” Susan Constantine, the body language expert and president of the Human Behavior Academy, said in an interview with Fox News.

Constantine said that Laundrie led Petito through the parking lot when the couple arrived at the store in Jackson on Aug. 27, 2021. “She felt very small,” the expert said. “You could see it in her whole body language: her shoulders are always more scrunched over, she’s holding herself, her stride and everything.”

She pointed out that Petito walked slightly behind Laundrie through the parking lot, arms crossed, eyes down, guarded and unsure. Laundrie could be seen slamming the van door and sauntering ahead of her with his hands in his pockets. He takes a hand out of his pocket to rub his nose right before they entered the store.

“Any time they rub their nose it’s just agitation,” Constantine said, which comes from irritation in the capillaries around the nostrils and cheeks. “So, when you’re irritated and frustrated, you sometimes scratch your nose.”

But, Constantine says that Laundrie’s demeanor changed once the two were inside the store. “When they were walking around in the store, it seemed very casual to me,” the expert said. “I didn’t see anything in there that would’ve led me to believe that this would have led up to him murdering her. I didn’t see that.”

However, Constantine took note that Laundrie never took Petito’s hand, and the couple barely looked at each other.

“If I were to see her in the store, I would go, ‘She doesn’t seem happy to me,’” Constantine continued. She added that Laundrie didn’t seem particularly aggressive, never attempting to grab or hold her or make any alarming gestures.

“Abusers don’t abuse in front of other people,” Constantine said. “They abuse when they’re in their own space, and they’re protected, where other people cannot see — like in the car outside.”

Still, the couple seemed cold and distant. “It doesn’t look like a close relationship there, a loving relationship,” she said. “There’s space between them. There’s no connectiveness.”

Petito appeared diminutive and kept looking down, indicating feelings of guardedness, introversion, and emotional contemplation.

“She wasn’t really happy about being with him. I don’t know what happened in the conversation in the car, but apparently something was going on where she was upset,” Constantine explained.

The two had just come from the Merry Piglets restaurant where Laundrie had gotten into a public argument with waitstaff.

In addition, the two may have been experiencing issues with their relationship. Two weeks prior, they were involved in a domestic violence call in Moab, Utah. Laundrie flew home for a week after, leaving Petito in a hotel in Salt Lake City.

“Gabby yawns at one point, so she obviously was tired,” Constantine said. “But overall, she’s always holding on to either her bag, or she’s got her hands out in front of her kind of hugging herself — that is a person who is not feeling really confident.”

However, Constantine doesn’t feel that there’s enough evidence in the video to indicate that she perceived that she may have been in danger.  “If she were feeling threatened, she would not have been staying as close to him as she was,” she said. “I see her more as a victim of a person who is more empowered or more powerful than her.”

“We already know the other pieces of the puzzle,” Constantine said. “It makes more sense, what was transpiring emotionally in this relationship.”

After the couple left the store, they spent 20 minutes in their parking space.

“They’re obviously having a discussion,” Constantine said, although the couple’s body language is not visible during this time. “We know that he’s berated her in the past, and it could’ve been him doing the same thing. He gets her into these closed environments, and then he starts to berate her.”

Constantine also pointed out a moment when Laundrie steps away from Petito “and he just kind of looks down that one aisle.”

“He’s standing there like he’s trying to figure out if there’s something out there,” Constantine said. “But I also wonder, why was he looking down there?”

Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, reported her missing on Sept. 11, 2021, but her parents now believe she was killed on Aug. 27, the same day the Whole Foods video was recorded.

An FBI-led search effort uncovered Petito’s remains at a campsite north of Jackson on Sept. 19, just eight days after Laundrie returned to his parents’ home in Florida without her.

He disappeared on Sept. 13 and was found dead a month later of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the FBI claim. Nearby, they found a note in a dry bag in which he confessed to killing Petito.

“We know the timeline, when she ended up being murdered,” Constantine said. “So, we know that there was something percolating. That is evidence this relationship was not a close relationship.”

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